Why Webase

Webase Global is a white label Digital Agency based in Ireland. We offer a fully silent white label service, supporting your brand in accessing resources that may be difficult or unprofitable to generally obtain.

We provide services for startups, companies, and agencies.

In short, we act on your behalf to build projects for your clients. Thanks to this, your company gains the ability to create very complex, high-quality projects, using a wide technology stack and the latest trends. You get all this without having to invest in additional staff, equipment, training, and software.

If you value collaboration, creative problem-solving, and a team invested in your success, we’d love to hear from you.

We work hard to maintain an environment that is creative, balanced, and fun. The work we produce is a testament to our talented team; we are all united in our pursuit of greatness.


We offer 3 types of cooperation that will perfectly suit your needs and your budget.

White Label Project

Your business doesn’t have to specialise in absolutely everything and you don’t have to have a large staff and team to start selling even very complex projects.

Your brand gets the credit for the work that has been done and you as a business owner can wipe out concerns about whether or not your team can provide good quality work for those clients. You can focus on serving your client relationships and really just focus on the front end of the business.

Your company gets access to the latest technologies and can stay on top of development trends. And what’s also very important, you can scale your business and save money on the costs of having a full-time in-house team including payroll, insurance, benefits, etc.

We will prepare a quote for you, develop a project, and deliver everything on time. From the very beginning you will know the cost and this will not change even if we have to involve our entire team to ensure high quality of the project.

Billing: One-time.
Developer: Specialists selected on the basis of requirements.
Agreement: One-time contract.
Duration of cooperation: One-time.
Additional Options: —

Dedicated Developer

Hiring skilled developers in-house is a time-consuming process that costs money in terms of time, effort, and overhead.

Dedicated developers come into play at this point. Hiring full-time dedicated developers with wide and strong expertise in technology will allow your business to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Our specialist will work only for you on a full-time basis. We will take care of maintaining a high level of his motivation and we will supervise the entire work. Our goal is to make sure that your dedicated developer is efficient and diligently performs the tasks entrusted to him. If for some reason you are not satisfied with his work, we will suggest you another specialist.

Billing: Monthly.
Developer: One expert.
Agreement: Long-term.
Duration of cooperation: 3, 6 or 12 months.
Additional Options: Possibility to exchange the developer.

Exclusive Access

This type of cooperation is unique and very innovative in the programming market. Most likely, we are the only company that offers this kind of cooperation.

In this model, you get one year of exclusive access to all our specialists. Instead of hiring multiple developers i.e. Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, QA, React Developer, Laravel Developer, WordPress Developer, Node Developer etc. you only pay for access and as part of this we match our various specialists based on tasks or requirements of a given project.

We make sure to delegate tasks to the specialists that will cope with a given task most effectively working for you up to 40 hours a week.

Billing: Monthly.
Developer: Many specialists.
Agreement: Long-term.
Duration of cooperation: 6 or 12 months.
Additional Options: —

Everyone brings something unique to the table and this diversity in talent makes us who we are.

Some of our services

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App is a type of application delivered through the web and built with the help of popular web technologies such as React. PWA are on the rise because they offer a native-like experience without the effort and cost that comes with building native mobile applications.

NFT Marketplaces

Our NFT developers are ready to tokenize a variety of assets, from game cards and collectibles to artwork and real-world assets. We can create reliable and robust NFT marketplaces that guarantee a high level of protection, from the front-end and back-end to the development of smart contracts.

Marketing Automations

Using sales and marketing automation tools will allow your sales and marketing process to flow seamlessly in the background, ultimately saving you time and money. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help your and your clients to automate repeatable and time-consuming processes. With marketing automation, you can keep your customers deeply engaged with meaningful content and ongoing communication.

You are our top priority.

From the very beginning, we commit ourselves to your business by developing a long-lasting relationship built on both trust and loyalty. We develop trust and loyalty by showing our commitment to your business and it’s goals. We not only help you reach your goals, but we go above and beyond by providing you with additional support until the end of time.