Corporate website - choosing key features

A few tips on how to find an agency to build the perfect website for your business.

The multitude of factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a website developer may seem a bit overwhelming. A professional website is your best testimony, so the success of the company will be largely built on this very foundation. Fortunately, we are here to help. We present you with a mini-guide, which can be the basis of your research, and thanks to proven Webase.Global tips – will not be so difficult to carry out.

Bet on proven technologies

First of all, it’s worth learning about the technologies that the agency (or any other entity) offers. When choosing a company to implement a website, check whether they create websites based on well-established and recognized solutions, or on a proprietary soft. If the engine is WordPress or another popular CMS, the project could be easily taken over by another agency or executor, in case of any problems with the contractor. Less popular systems may be more difficult to optimize or for the administrator to manage content. Examine the flexibility of a given technology – find out if the website can be easily expanded with further modules, plugins, or themes, and will it be difficult to modify it visually. We know from experience that it is worth choosing more reliable and popular systems – there’s usually a good reason why they are popular in the first place. However, don’t cross out companies that don’t directly advertise the technology you are looking for. If the agency gained your trust, just ask – they may offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Always read customer reviews

Take advantage of someone else’s experience – read reviews on Google Maps and industry portals. For example, Clutch collects opinions about B2B companies, which can be a solid basis for fruitful cooperation with any given agency. The evaluation process is as objective as possible – the website collects notes on the level of performed services and implemented projects. The Clutch analyst team carefully verifies every cooperation, company’s presence on the market, current trends, and other aspects that make the portal the most trustworthy search engine of B2B companies.

Set a goal of your website

Before you start looking for an agency, it is good to specify what expectations you have towards it. Make sure that the entity you want to commission the project has a business and partnership-like approach to work. It means they should be able to advise you in terms of strategy, support you in making decisions and provide advice at every stage of cooperation.

The first step in creating a company website will be to set its goal. This is the primary point on the map of our activities. Only after we establish it are we able to measure the efficiency and success of the website, optimize it accordingly and highlight specific elements both in code and UX.

– Who will use the website and what will they need it for? What benefits does it offer to them?

– Is the website supposed to have an informative function or support and build brand or product awareness?

– Do you want to gain traffic, increase sales, get a newsletter subscription or to obtain other conversions?

A good agency will guide you through this path and present possible scenarios and directions. It is important, however, that your website goals are measurable and realistic (you can try to set them based on the SMART model). It is worth remembering that all other components are subordinated to the purpose of the website and depending on these principles, the website may differ radically.

Technical aspects

There is of course more to it. When reading agency offers, it’s good to pay attention to other aspects of the website. Make sure the project implemented by your agency maintains the following standards – don’t be afraid to ask about them before making a final decision. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

– Website responsiveness, basic SEO and high performance are “must” practices, which are already a standard on the IT market.

– The website domain should be easy to remember and match to the target group

– Hosting should have its own CDN and the lowest possible TTFB. It ensures that the website loads quickly from any place in the world. In both cases, security is also very important.

As you can see, there are quite a few factors to consider when choosing a developer and creating your website. To get the return on your investment, the site must be well thought out. Otherwise, you risk losing money and – what is worse – losing customers. Luckily, things are not as hard as they seem, and you can count on our support. We hope that this mini-guide will be a helpful starting point for further searches. If you need additional assistance, remember that we are here for you.

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