Constantia Dunboyne

The place to come for finishing touches, the pieces that bring a room together and bring a home to life.

“The second you walk in the door of this place the scent greets you. Its always so enticing as is the background music.”

Webase.Global was tasked to help Jennifer expand and give the opportunity for the rest of Ireland to explore her wide range of unique products. In the effect, we created a great-looking and functional e-commerce shop.

Here you can find some amazing craft products by the Irish designers and brands. Edgy yet elegant furniture. Lighting to bring life. Mirrors to create space. Candles to relax. Flowers and Plants to soften your interiors. Accessories and much more.

From Here to There.

We wanted to create a space on the web that would reflect the spirit of the local shop and present Jennifer’s passion for helping her customers in finding great local crafts. We made it.

Project Details.

PROJECT NAME: Constantia Dunboyne

LAUNCH DATE: 19th Apr 2022

TECHNOLOGY STACK: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce